Ray White Allens Education Foundation Scholarships

Congratulations to the talented recipients this year 


Once again we have a been extremely impressed by the standard of applications received, the calibre of the young people here in Northland and the passion and commitment many of them have displayed with their chosen education goals and career paths… unfortunately there are only a limited number of scholarships available each year and there are always more deserving applicants than we can support, so the final judging is a very difficult process. 

The Ray White Allens Education Foundation is an approved charitable trust offering scholarships annually to Northland youth who demonstrate a passion for excellence and are looking to achieve their career goals through further education and training.  The Foundation was established by the team in 2006 to encourage and assist young Northlanders who are aspiring to be the best they can be.  This year six scholarship recipients were selected from another impeccable field of applicants representing schools and families from across Northland.  Since inception we have given away more than $72,000 in scholarships to over 51 young Northlanders.


Sophie Short

Sophie is a Foundation pupil of Huanui College and their first Head Girl. She has strong personal drive balancing school commitments with a multitude of community activities – such as Student Council, Whangarei District Council Youth Advisory Group, Onerahi Community Association, Whangarei Netball Centre Leadership and has even liaised with the school nutritionist to help benefit the junior Sports Academy.  She is passionate about health, sports and nutrition, and wants to improve the health of Northlanders. It is for this reason that she has applied to Otago University to complete a Bachelor degree in Human Nutrition with a further goal of a Masters Degree in Dietetics.

“Sophie is the epitome of ‘old head on young shoulders’ and... has a natural air of calmness which attracts people to her, knowing that she will be fair and kind to them” (Principal)


Holly Meese 

Holly is an outstanding student at Pompallier College having achieved Level 1 & 2 NCEA with excellence endorsements and placed on the Honours Roll for academic attainment. Following her interest in the environment, she will begin her tertiary education at Auckland University to study a Bachelor of Science majoring in Geography and Environmental Science. Holly wants to contribute to the sustainable future of New Zealand and make a difference in the world.  In addition to her duties as Prefect, Holly has been involved in various community activities. As part of the school’s environment group she participated in establishing a recycling system which involved meetings with Whangarei District Council and Eco Solutions. She has also attended the Northland Youth Summit Programme and worked on projects aimed towards making Whangarei a more youth-friendly place.

“What sets Holly apart is not only her determination and effort to succeed but also her endurance and attention to detail in her work.” (Lecturer)


Josh Kiwikiwi

Josh from Whangarei Boys High is a top scholar, artist, talented musician and singer. Last year he was awarded the prestigious Barry Willott Art Award and Year12 Top Creative Arts Trophy.  As a young Maori student and evolving artist, Josh is keen to further his education in Fine Arts or Visual Arts and Design, and majoring in painting and sculpting. His dream would be to work in prosthetics, FX character artistry or the film industry.  Josh is already known locally for his art work and has also assisted with several Whangarei initiatives - for example volunteering his time to ‘Paint the Town’ and ‘Whangarei Youth Space’.  

“My personal interests would be to find who I am as an artist, expanding my compositional and conceptual thinking and creative process to communicate ideas visually, whilst enhancing my growing skill sets to find my own sense of style” (Josh)


Bree Martinac

Bree is a Prefect and Deputy Head Girl at Tauraroa Area School. She is passionate about agriculture and wants to study a Bachelor of Agricommerce, with a dream of one day owning her own farm.  Bree has battled dyslexia and is an example of how enthusiasm and hard work bring results. In addition to academic success, she has been involved in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and is a key member president of the Teen Ag group. She received the Citizenship award for years 11-13.   Also Bree is an active and successful sportswomen (awarded Sportswomen of the Year at Manaia Swim Club and has competed at local level in Horse show jumping and hunting). She also volunteers as a surf lifeguard and has offered swimming lessons to the primary students this year.  

”Bree always gives her best in everything she undertakes. Indeed Bree is known for her positive ‘can-do’ approach and is willing to go the extra mile if needed.”   (Teacher/Dean) 


Kane Turketo

Kane is a Prefect at Tikipunga High School and has enrolled at Auckland University in Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy).  He is an outstanding sportsman, and is identified as one of 14 top young Northland sportspeople. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Kane is interested in sports medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. He wishes to see the joy that the patients get when they are succeeding in recovery and overcoming difficult challenges.  Kane has volunteered for the Northland District Health Board (Physio unit) and also the local community support group ‘Tiki Pride’. He has been a coach and volleyball representative (at regional, national & international level). For his many achievements, he received the Commitment and Focus award in 2013.  

“(Kane) is able to discipline himself in the sporting arena and is a good role model to other young men and juniors around him. He plays with fairness and good grace, is respectful of his opposition and is always complementary of a good performance by his opponents.” (North Tec/ Coach)


Emily Houston

Emily attends Tikipunga High where she excels at drama and sports. Her passion is to mix learning and working with people, especially the younger generation. She has enrolled in a Bachelor of Education (Primary) at Whangarei Tai Tokerau campus.  Emily feels that teachers are often undervalued but they certainly shape our future. She quotes “the mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires” (William Arthur Ward).  Emily is a driven hard-working student with talents ranging from inside the classroom to community level. She received the School Support Award for Year 9, 10 & 12 and attended an Outward Bound school leadership course. She has shown maturity beyond her years and is able to exercise diplomacy and patience when relating to others. She has volunteered at preschool & primary schools, SPCA (for 4 years), Rising Star Drama Club, and participated in the Leadership in League Programme. 




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2013 Ray White Allens Education Foundation Scholarship Recipients were:


Harry Linford  Pompallier Catholic College - Bachelor of Architecture
Harry, a Prefect at Pompallier College, is a conscientious and hard working student who achieves at a high level and encourages others to do the same.   As the eldest of six children, he is compassionate and supportive of others as evidenced by his various community involvements and coaching roles. - Also an accomplished athlete, Harry has been the Athletics and Cross Country Champion for the school for each year he has attended, and you may recognise him as the young man who is regularly seen running through Kensington, or crossing the finishing line at the various Sport Northland Run/Walk events.  

Chris Soufflot  Kamo High School - Bachelor of Architecture
Chris has a passion for graphics and design which shone though in his application - and it was no surprise that he has applied for a Bachelor of Architecture at Victoria University.    The judges were impressed with his passion to challenge himself from a very young age - taking part in a multitude of extra curricular activities and responsibilities which has clearly provided him with a broad knowledge and skill base.  Chris mentions returning to Whangarei to be a part of the city's development scheme - and talks about the great potential of the area.  We would certainly be proud to see him return - and no doubt run his own architecture firm here.

Cassy Osokin  Kerikeri High School - Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Biomedical Engineering
With an incredible ability to balance her studies, work and extracurricular activities while clearly succeeding in all that she commits to Cassy is a School Prefect with Elite Academic Honours and is heavily involved in both the school and community. She demonstrates she is more than able to balance a huge range of demands including the support of her family in times of adversity. 
Cassy is another delightful young student to graduate from Kerikeri High School, and an individual who will clearly go far, and succeed in all that she sets out to.

Jaime Newton  Bream Bay College - Bachelor of Medicine.
A highly motivated and compassionate person, Jaime wants to be able to make a positive change to the lifestyle and well being of rural communities and it's her dream to become a general practitioner.  In addition to her many responsibilities as Head Girl at Bream Bay College, Jaime is not just a top academic student, but an outstanding all-rounder.  She has proven to be highly positive, driven, disciplined and generous of her time - and has worked as a first aid officer at the Waipu Cove Surf Lifesaving Club.  
We were impressed with the high standards Jaime sets for herself - and the positive role model she is.  And we wish her all the best as she strives to make a difference in the lives of others. 


2012 Allens Education Foundation Scholarship Recipients were:

Daniel Thompson
A keen interest in science and the human body matched with a genuine desire to help people has led Whangarei Boys' High School Student, Daniel Thompson, to pursue a career in the medical profession – working as either an advanced paramedic or the fields of medicine and surgery.  With a genuine desire to help and work with people, Daniel is also personally affected by a heart condition - which saw him give up his own sporting interests.  This, matched with a genuine passion for science and people helped lead him to this profession. 

Zac Doar
Kamo High School student, Zac Doar's goal is to gain a degree where he can "teach others about languages as a window to the world and its varied cultures." -  Ultimately keen to work as either an interpreter, translator, foreign language teacher, diplomat or embassy worker, Zac is planning on undertaking a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Language and Linguistics at Victoria University.

Chantelle Orchard
Passionate about animals - Chantelle, who has been home schooled, wishes to study to become a vet-nurse and ultimately use, her skills to teach communities how to look after their animals while continuing to be an inspiration to other pet owners and animal carers. 

Sean Thorburn
One of this years' Ray White Allens Education Foundation – NorthTec Scholarship Recipients, Sean Thorburn from Pompallier Catholic College, seeks a productive career in the fields of cinematography and video editing.  After media studies ceased at his school, Sean pursued his interest through other avenues - joining Channel North to further develop his skills.  Discovering a natural talent for video editing.  

Louis Davis 
Louis, from Whangarei Boys' High School, wants to learn how to effectively work with people - recognising and cultivating the potential in others and learning how to create productive environments.  With a  challenging and enquiring mind he enjoys, and has demonstrated his ability to, work alongside people with a common goal to achieve amazing and unexpected results and is keen to further develop these skills by undertaking a Bachelor of Communication Studies at Waikato University.  

 Kelly Springford
A family family experience led Whangarei Girls'High School Student, Kelly Springford, to choose nursing as a career path - one that she is keen to pursue locally at NorthTec. Excited for her future as a nurse Kelly looks forward to the challenges and experiences from which she can learn and grow in her role as a nurse to care for her patients to the best of her abilities.  She is then keen to further her skills overseas so that she can develop a better understanding of the many cultures we have inside our own communities here in New Zealand and bring back a stronger more diverse skill-set.


2011 Allens Education Foundation Scholarship Recipients were:
Kevin Kruse
Kevin is a pssionate sportsman from Tikipunga High School. His main goal is to become a professional sportsperson (Golf) or P.E. teacher, and will be studying a Bachelor of Sport & Leisure at Waikato University.

Cole Johnston
Cole is a seventh generation Northlander from Kamo High. His passion for science and finding out how things work are the rationale for his choice to study for a Bachelor on Engineering in 2012.

Dane Dreyer
Dane is a budding young scientist from Dargaville High who is fascinated by the human psyche. She has applied to Otago University to complete a double degree majoring in Forensic Analytical Science and Social Anthropology.

Samantha Ellis
Samantha is from Bream Bay College. Being naturally inquisitive, Samantha has always been interested in science and has chosen to complete a Bachelor of Health Science (Otago) or Biomedical Science (Auckland University).

Sylvan Kuczera
Having spent 7 years on his family’s sailing yacht, it is no surprise that his passion lies in all activities involving the sea. After completing studies at Kerikeri High School Sylvan will be attending the NZ Maritime School to study Marine Engineering.

Troy Horan
Troy, from Whangarei Boys High School, and has chosen a career in Engineering (Mechanical) which he sees as a practical outlet for combining his love of design and art.
2010 Allens Education Foundation Scholarship Recipients were:

Bryn van Vliet
Bryn, a multi talented student from Kerikeri High School, has a passion for music and has chosen to study at the New Zealand School of Music in Wellington.  Already a talented musician, and five year veteran of the Bay of Islands Jazz and Blues Festival, Bryn plays alto-saxophone (as well as guitar, piano, saxophone, drums, trombone … and "any other instrument [he] can get his hands on").

Reuben Hindriksen
Reuben came from Okaihau College.  He chose to attend Auckland UIT to complete a Bachelor of Communication Studies in order to fulfil his dream of working as a TV presenter or journalist.  He states "I see the influence the media has on people's perspectives and lives.  I want the opportunity to be able to represent truth and integrity in an industry that can sometimes forget these values in the pursuit of a story."

Samuel Frizelle
Sam went to Kamo High School.  His passion is for engineering - how things are made, how they work, and the science behind it.  He wants to be the one that runs towards a problem when others run away.  He planned to study Engineering (Mechatronics) at Auckland University.

Nicola Boyce-Bacon
Nicola came from Whangarei Girls High School.  With a strong interest in justice, the legal system and the natural environment, Nicola chose to study a conjoint degree in Law & Science at Victoria University majoring in environmental studies.  Her dream is to become a partner in a major law firm working on environmental issues.

Hannah Thompson
Hannah went to Whangarei Girls High School and planned to study a Bachelor of Dance Studies at Auckland University.  Hannah loves to dance - "Dance allows me to be myself, and it is when I am dancing that I can really speak to people without having to use words". 

Tariki Manawaiti
Tariki, from Tikipunga High School, has chosen to complete a Bachelor of Sport & Leisure at Waikato University followed by teacher training.


2009 Allens Education Foundation Scholarship Recipients were:


Shelane Lomas
from Whangarei Girls High School. Shelane's career goal is to gain a Bachelor Degree followed by a Masters in Architecture.  Her long-term goal is to "set up my own business that pushes the boundaries of modern architecture in NZ while creating warmer, drier and healthier buildings that maintain a reduced impact on the environment".

Barney Olson
a multi talented student from Kerikeri High School with a passion for the theatre and performing arts. His career goal is to obtain a conjoint Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce degree at Victoria University and combine this with further study in theatre.

Kawiti Jack Waetford
Kawiti has immense passion for singing and performing, and chose Otago University as a starting point to further develop his classical singing technique. His aim is to be ranked among the top singers in the world.

Corinne Marti
from Kerikeri High School. Corinne chose to study a Bachelor of Law conjoint with a Bachelor of Science at Auckland University with a goal to specialise in the law and ethics of medicine.

Sam Sharp
from Whangarei Girls High School. Sam's career goal is to obtain a double degree studying a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and a Bachelor of Physical Education in Outdoor Education.

2008 Allens Education Foundation Scholarship Recipients were:


Aaron Millar 
from Whangarei Boys High School - Aaron has chosen to complete a Degree in Engineering, majoring in Chemical and Process Engineering.

Jared Olsen
from Kaitaia College - Jared's career choice was a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical or Civil & Environmental) at Auckland University.

Sarah Snowden
from Northland College - Sarah's career goal is to become a PE and Health Teacher.

Rex Hooper
from Tauraroa Area School - Rex is interested in Chemical Engineering.

Dhamendra Unka
from Kamo High School - Dhamendra comes from a unique cultural background as a Maori-Indian New Zealander. He has a genuine social conscience and his sense of justice is acute. He was inspired by a trip to India in 2001 to complete his Law Degree and become a Crown Lawyer.

Sheridan Mellor
from Tikipunga High School - Sheridan chose to study for a Bachelor of Visual Arts followed by a jewellery apprenticeship. 

Holly Pratt
from Whangarei Girls High School - Holly has aspired to be a teacher since primary school and will be studying for a Secondary Teaching Degree conjoint with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English or Geography. She is also considering a Graduate Diploma in Journalism.

2007 Allens Education Foundation Scholarship Recipients were:


Simone Ackerman
from Kamo High School who wanted to pursue her love of sport through a Bachelor of Science. 

Sara Bignell
from Whangarei Girls High School who wished to study a Bachelor of Law/Arts majoring in Geography.

Yvette Meara
from Whangarei Girls High School who chose to pursue a career as a Primary School Teacher. 

Gauri Prasad
from Pompellier College who is pursuing a career as a Medical Practitioner. 

Rory Taylor
from Bream Bay High School who wished to study a Bachelor of Science degree. 

Alyx Pivac
from Kamo High School who wished to study a Bachelor of Science degree. 

Emma Daly
from Tauraroa Area School who chose to complete a Bachelor of Science majoring in Neuroscience.

Cameron Leslie
from Pompallier Catholic College who wished to gain a degree in Journalism specialising in Sports Writing.

Josh Hodgson 
from Pompallier Catholic College who was looking to complete a BA in Sport & Recreation and work with and coach young children.