Ray White Allens Kids Triathlon

The annual Ray White Allens Kids' Triathlon is about getting out there and having a go, and the event is open to everyone aged 7 - 15 years of age. You enter on your own which means you swim, bike and run (in that order).  Entry numbers are limited so be in quick…Ready, set, go!


Where is it and when?

The Ray White Allens Kids Triathlon is held at the Onerahi foreshore, Beach Road, Onerahi, Whangarei (near the airport) on Sunday 22 March 2014. You will need to have picked up your Competitors Pack, had your bike/helmet checked and racked half an hour before the race starts. (there could be an hour’s wait between the first and last waves starting).


How do I enter?

Your parent/guardian can enter you online by clicking here (online credit card payment) or fill out the entry form (available soon from all Ray White Allens offices) with your parent/guardian’s permission and signature, and send it back to us at Sport Northland (with your cheque / credit card details), or drop it in to Sport Northland at the ASB Northland Sports House, Kensington, Whangarei (cash, cheque and eftpos accepted) by Friday 13 March.

Refunds: all refunds will be subject to a 10% administration fee. No refunds will be made after 13 March 2014. Requests for refunds must be made in writing or by email by 13 March 2014 to Sport Northland, PO Box 1492, Whangarei 0140 or 


The Race

Remember, the number 1 rule is: Have Fun! You will start and finish the race by yourself which means no one can push you to the finish on your bike or piggy back you on the run! Only competitors (that’s you) are allowed on the race course, or in the transition areas (the place where you hop on and off your bike and finish the event). You will be wearing your competitors t-shirt (supplied with your competitors pack) so we know that you are a Triathlete in the event. 

You must follow the marshals’ instructions. They will be the ones in bright t-shirts and vests directing you on the course. The event is organised by Sport Northland who have the last word, so what they say goes! 


Entries close 13 March 2015 - no entries will be accepted on the day. 



 Event prices Kids Tri



  • Event briefing will begin at 9.30am, all participants and their parents/caregivers must be present and listen to the event safety briefing.
  • Following the safety briefing participants will be called down to the start area for the start of the event at approximately 10.00am. The event will start with older age groups through to the youngest.


  • 7 year olds: 50m Swim, 2km Bike, 1km Run.
  • 8 - 10 year olds: 100m Swim, 2km Bike, 1km Run.
  • 11-15 year olds: 150m Swim, 4km Bike, 1.5km Run.


  • We recommend you park on Weir Cres/Church Street and the surrounding street areas.
  • Access to the event site is on foot via Cliff Street. There will be an area coned at the top of Cliff Street where you can stop temporarily to drop off participants and gear before parking.
  • Please note the walkway entrance at the end of Hawke Street will be closed to all foot traffic prior to and for the duration of the event. All participants and spectators will be directed to access the event site via Cliff Street.


Competitors Packs can be collected as follows:

  • Friday 20 March (8.30am – 4.00pm) from: ASB Northland Sports House, Kensington, Whangarei (Above the Table Tennis Centre at the Northern end of the ASB Leisure Centre complex).
  • Saturday 21 March (10.00am – 1pm) from: ASB Northland Sports House, Kensington, Whangarei (Above the Table Tennis Centre at the Northern end of the ASB Leisure Centre complex).
  • On Event Day (8.00am – 9.30am) from: the Event Registration area, in the Onerahi Yacht Club, Beach Road.

Please collect your pack from the location you selected when you entered, this should be displayed on your e-ticket.


  • Photos of the 2015 Ray White Allens Kids Triathlon will be posted on the Ray White Allens Facebook Page in the week following the event. Parents can view and download the photos online at


  • St John staff will be available to provide assistance.
  • Please inform a marshal if assistance is required.


  • Public toilets and portaloos will be available at the start/finish/transition area.
  • No showers or changing rooms are available.


  • All finishers will receive a medal as they cross the finish line.
  • Personalized participation certificates will be available at after the event to download and print.
  • As this is a fun event no finish times or results will be recorded.


  • Prize giving will take place at the finish stage after all participants have finished at approximately 12.00pm.
  • Participants must be present at prize giving wearing their event t-shirt and show their event number to claim their prize.
  • The prize draw is generated using a random computer draw programme.



  • In the unlikely event of cancellation, notice will be given on Northland’s More FM 91.6, posted on the home page at . Where possible attempts will be made to email participants who have supplied an email address with their entry. While we will endeavour to make a decision to cancel an event as early as possible, due to the nature of such events, situations can occur quickly and without warning close to the start of an event.