Rental Payments, Administration and Accounting

Rental Payments

We Do Not Tolerate the Late Payment of Rents.

We understand your investment is a business transaction and loss of income can cause you not only financial strain but personal stress.  Therefore we do not tolerate the late payment of rents and make every effort to establish an online automatic payment system with all new tenants - to help ensure your money is delivered to you on time ever time.
We are careful to explain this policy to new tenants to avoid any misunderstandings that might arise later.  All rents are due on the same day as a tenants contract starts, with automatic payments commencing on the following week of the tenancy.  Every effort will be made to collect rent when due.
In the unlikely event that a tenant does miss a payment, the following steps will be taken:

  • Our team will approach the tenant by phone, email or text (often all) to request that the funds in arrears be paid promptly and the tenant will recieve a 14 day notice of breach letter.
  • Tenants accounts are monitored to see that any agreements are being upheld.
  • At the 7-14 day arrears period an application to the Tenancy Tribunal for a mediated hearing is applied for, if the breach is not rectified.  This will be for the arrears to be paid and in some cases possession of the property being requested.
  • If a tenant persists in breaching their tenancy agreement, they will be evicted.  Following eviction we will post the delinquent tenant onto a default tenant database.  At all times we are pro active at keeping on top of errant tenants.

Administration and Accounting

Ray White Allens Property Management use one of the top property management software packages available to the industry. As a landlord you will receive a detailed monthly statement showing all rental incomes and disbursements, ensuring clear and transparent records.
Monthly Rents and Statements
We pride ourselves on our efficient processing of rents and statements. As a landlord you can expect that we will process rents to your nominated bank account on the 15th and the last day of each month, to the closest working day.  We also provide you with an annual income and expenditure report for accounting purposes
Deduct Us From Your Taxes

The cost of our professional property management service is completely tax deductible.  We will provide you with a summary statement at the end of each year for taxation purposes.  It simply makes good financial sense to use us to manage your property.