The Importance of Routine Maintenance

Buildings progressively deteriorate over time and will continue to deteriorate if maintenance is not carried out. It is imperative that we keep on top of regular routine maintenance to maximise your potential returns and keep your property highly tenantable and saleable.

Regular Planned Maintenance 
Regular planned maintenance, such as minor repairs and preventative maintenance, should minimise future problems and ensure your property remains in peak condition. 
While unexpected deterioration, damage or failures may still occur, and even with the best maintenance in the world, everything has a limited life expectancy, with a regular maintenance cycle you will minimise the need for major refurbishment and repairs.
Avoide Unnecessary Major Repairs
Without regular maintenance a property can quickly deteriorate to an unacceptable condition, necessitating major repairs that could have been avoided.  If left long enough a property can deteriorate to the point of being unusable which can translate to lose of income for you.