Setting the Rent

Our aim is for you to capitalise on your investment - and ensuring you receive the highest possible rent in the best possible time.  We’ll therefore work alongside you to establish a rent return - based on our regional experience and current market factors.  Important factors to consider in finding a starting point are how many properties are available in the district at this point, what quality are they in and what price they are achieving. These elements can be connected to what is happening in the sales market, the national economy, budgets and movements in the local economy. Our aim is to ensure that you receive the highest rent possible for your property and that it is tenanted quickly. We use our experience to judge the movement in rents and discuss with you the “meeting of the market” rent and “move by Friday” rent.  We provide you with our recommendation, and together come to a decision on where to start the rent, based on your individual circumstances.

Once the rent is set, we have ways of keeping track of how the market is responding, and if an adjustment is needed, this is again discussed and the decision is actioned.